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What Are PRP Injections?

After an injury our bodies immediately begin a natural healing process to repair any damaged tissue.  During this time, platelets start to release inflammatory signals, at the site of injury, to trigger the immune response that initiates rapid healing. 

PRP therapy, or platelet-rich therapy, introduces a high concentration of platelets to a damaged area in our body.  These platelets surround the injured area and trigger an inflammatory response and your body sends waves of cells to the area to treat pain and possibly stimulate healing. 

How does PRP Therapy work?

The process for PRP therapy begins by taking a small amount of blood from the patient, and separating the platelet rich plasma using a centrifuge.  Separating the PRP in this manner allows us to then inject the PRP in to the injured, or damaged, areas.  These areas can be tendons, joints, or ligaments.  This act will prompt a mild inflammation. 

By purposefully stimulating inflammation to the injured areas, your body will receive signals to send a stronger, or greater, immune response to heal the area. 

This procedure is safe, and works using your own immune system to relieve the pain from arthritis, tendonitis, or damage from other conditions. 

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